Bringing it home …

Yes­ter­day we start­ed for home, from Amar­il­lo. Drove about exact­ly 1/3 of the way home, to a lit­tle town called Rus­sel­lville, AR. We’ll do anoth­er third today and stop a ways east of Nashville. Then home in time for din­ner Thurs­day night.

Long dri­ve yes­ter­day. My butt was a thing of pain. Took our­selves right out of the West, back to the part of the coun­try where they have them tall green things … uh, trees or some­thing … all over the place. Flat land, too. Most­ly flat, none of those wild rock for­ma­tions shootin’ out of the ground.

But we’re glad to be on our way home. Tomor­row night we’ll sleep in our own beds, yay!