More Mountains, High Desert …

Yes­ter­day we trav­eled from south­ern Utah to north­ern Ari­zona and then south­ern Col­orado. I can’t get bored on roads like this:


We made it to  Ver­mil­lion Cliffs in short order, but it turned out there isn’t real­ly a devel­oped park like in some places we’ve been. We expect­ed a road tour­ing through the cliffs, but all we saw was a lot of amaz­ing cliffs and moun­tains as we drove past on US 89A.


Then we crossed the Col­orado Riv­er and we were off to the Four Cor­ners and then Mesa Verde.


And I was wrong about being done with 8,000 foot high moun­tain dri­ving. We went up to one of the view­points at about 8,300 ft., but we couldn’t get as far as the cliff dwellings in the fur­thest part of the park. To do that would have required 40+ miles each way of ten per­cent or more grades, up and down the moun­tains. My car was still over­loaded (in fact, I filled the tank right before enter­ing the park), so I had to baby it up and down for the 8 miles in and out that we took.

So no pho­tos of cliff dwellings, but I did get a few shots of the moun­tains in Mesa Verde.



Final­ly, we made our way to Duran­go, Col­orado and our hotel room, where the boys got a wire­less net­work for the impor­tant chores of the day.


Today we start head­ing toward home, going down to Albu­querque and then into the Texas Pan­han­dle, stop­ping in Amar­il­lo tonight. I think I can get us home by Thurs­day night, which means not doing and see­ing some of the things I’d planned, but we’ve seen and done a lot!