Wild Wyoming …

Awe­some day yes­ter­day, but I don’t have time to write it up yet. We did the Jew­el Cave Nation­al Monunent, and I have a ton of pho­tos. Amaz­ing place.



Then we drove across Wyoming to the Shell Creek Camp­ground in the Bighorn Nation­al For­est. We went through a pass at 9,300 ft. We saw a fox, prarie dogs, and a moose with her calf. We were wind­ing down a road with 35 mph lim­it and turned off onto a dirt road 2 miles long to reach the camp­ground. Our site was incred­i­bly beau­ti­ful, with pur­ple, gold, and white wild­flow­ers, a rag­ing creek that was all white­wa­ter, and beau­ti­ful trees every­where. The sky at night was just what you’d expect once you get away from the light pol­lu­tion. But of course, no 4G and no WiFi, so we couldn’t check in with Sherie or go online, poor us.



It was a mag­i­cal camp­ground and we have a lot of pho­tos we’ll try to post soon. Right now I’m in Cody, Wyoming in a McDonald’s using free wifi. Not sure if there will be 4G in Yel­low­stone, but we’ll find out in a few hours. We plan to spend the after­noon tour­ing Yel­low­stone and then camp­ing there tonight. If we can get some 4G in our camp­site, we’ll try to put a lot more online.

William and Alex are see­ing things they’ll nev­er see in North Car­oli­na. We’ve got the whole ‘pitch­ing camp, break­ing camp’ thing down to a science.

More lat­er, I hope!