A Day in Camp

Yes­ter­day we spent the morn­ing kick­ing back and doing some nec­es­sary chores around camp. After 5 days on the road, we need­ed to wash laun­dry, and we did some reor­ga­ni­za­tion of the van. With every pass­ing day we become more effi­cient campers.


Then we went to Piz­za Hut in Custer, SD for lunch with the US Army — except we think half of them were some sort of vis­it­ing troops because they had the flag of Nor­way on their sleeves. Per­haps an advance team for Jade Helm 15, yesno?

After lunch we went to Jew­el Cave Nation­al Mon­u­ment. We were offered two tours — the Lantern Tour, which is phys­i­cal­ly ardu­ous, requir­ing much bend­ing, stoop­ing, scrunch­ing, climb­ing, and squeez­ing through tight spots. The lady said, “If you have a bad back or a bad knee, you should recon­sid­er.” Well, at age 62 I have one of each; more­over, this trip is plen­ty of exer­cise just set­ting up camp and break­ing it down every dang day. We passed on that one.

The oth­er trip is the Scenic Tour, which lasts about an hour and a half, but the next one wasn’t until this morn­ing at 9 a.m. So we’ll do that one and hope­ful­ly I’ll have some good pho­tos tomorrow.

We went back to camp, did some read­ing and some more kick­ing back, and made dinner.


It rained hard again last night, but the only thing that reach­es us is the sound of it beat­ing on the tent. I actu­al­ly pre­fer that to the sound of cars going by on the high­way 150 meters from here.

I’m going to let the boys decide if we stop at Devil’s Tow­er. It’s pret­ty awe­some but will add two hours dri­ving to our trip today. Our camp­site tonight is in the Bighorn Nation­al For­est. It’s going to be sun­ny and warm there, a good change from the chilly and rainy Black Hills. Then Wednes­day it’s off to Yellowstone!