Rain, rain, go away!

We’re in North Hig­gins Lake State Park, camp­site 160. It rained from the minute we got here until now, and Weath­er Under­ground says it’s going to rain until 2 p.m. this afternoon.

Our tent leaked. Brand new Cole­man Instant Cab­in, $150, and it leaked the first time it rained on the sec­ond night we used it. On the bright side, I have a 12′ x 20′ tarp that we put over the top of the tent. Do your worst. We’re dry and warm.

The oth­er bright side is that this is all Kevin’s fault. My bud­dy Kevin K. told me, “You have to see Michi­gan on your trip.” “It’s beau­ti­ful and if you’ve nev­er seen the Great Lakes, you owe it to your­self to see them,” he said. ” “You’re gonna love Michi­gan,” he said. “You can vis­it Seault Ste. Marie,” he said. “I promise you per­fect weath­er in June,” he said.

OK, maybe he didn’t promise the weath­er part. Bastid.

West Vir­ginia is most­ly moun­tains, but has some farms. Ohio is most­ly farms, but has some moun­tains. Michi­gan doesn’t have farms or moun­tains. It’s got birch trees, though. You know you’re up north when you start see­ing birch trees.

We’ve gone 1,013 miles in 2 days. It’s not going to be like that when we get out West, but I told the boys, “Some­times you just got­ta break off a piece.” Today we’re only dri­ving 4 hours or so, and will sleep in the Upper Penin­su­la. Weath­er Under­ground says it will be sun­ny and 68 by 2 p.m. So the plan is, William and I are going to wake Alex up, put him in the car and go get a nice hot break­fast some­where, then come back, buck up, and pack the car wet. When we get to the next camp­site we’ll take every­thing out, dry it all off, and resume.