Can you feel the excitement?

Me nei­ther.

Oh, wait. Today is the day we leave. I sup­pose that’s a tiny bit exciting.

First leg is about 7 hours, gets us to a nice state park in Ohio. Doing lots of dri­ving the first week so we can get to the good stuffs out West.

We’re almost ful­ly packed and I have a check­list for what isn’t in the car already.  Even though we’ll be liv­ing in a tent, we are NOT rough­ing it. I have a cot, boys have air mat­tress­es, and we all have high-den­si­ty foam sleep­ing pads.

I’ll be post­ing pho­tos as the trip pro­ceeds. I have all my reser­va­tions made except for a few places where it’s first come, first served. In those sites I’ll just have to be lucky.

Got­ta get pack­ing, we’re gonna hit the road right after rush hour. Yes, there’s a rush hour in Raleigh and it goes in the same direc­tion we’re going: ==> WEST!!